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Financial personnel 永飞集团 (Yong fei group)
Import & Export
2019-05-24 - 2019-08-31
No Accommodation
Job responsibilities; 1. Strictly implement the cash management system and settlement system, handle cash and bank settlement business according to the company's expense reimbursement and payment regulations; 2. Responsible for the storage of the company's cash, and check the inventory regularly. If the increase or decrease is found, timely report to the company; 3. Register cash journal, bank deposit journal, check register and receipt ledger as required; 4. Responsible for the development, storage and management of cheques, drafts, invoices and receipts; 5. Responsible for daily bill reimbursement of the company; 6. Temporary work arranged by superior leaders. 7. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders
 Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting and financial management;
2. At least 1 year relevant working experience in finance, with accounting qualification certificate;
3. Familiar with national financial policies, accounting regulations, tax regulations and related tax policies;
4. Serious and careful in work, strong sense of responsibility, integrity and principle;
5. Good team spirit, communication skills and service awareness.

Salary and benefits:
1. Relevant holidays and benefits stipulated by the state;
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