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2019-06-30 - 2021-06-30
No Accommodation
A brief introduction to the platt road communication organization Platts ledao is an excellent public relations company, serving international customers and excellent local enterprises in the telecommunications operators, Internet, electronic products, real estate, automobile and other industries. The company has many professional teams serving well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and is committed to helping customers to establish, spread and maintain a good brand image.
    •     1. Responsible for video post editing, editing synthesis and special effects production; 
      • 2. Proficient in subtitle editing; Have certain artistic skills;
        3. Responsible for planning and producing video programs according to the overall positioning and planning of the website;
        4. Good communication skills; Have a wide range of interests and a strong sense of curiosity and curiosity. .
        Qualifications :
        1. College degree or above, major in film, television or art, more than one year of post-editing experience. .
        2. Adept at PS, AE. Eduis. Promier. Lash and other clips; Complete video editing and post-production independently, and MG animation will be given priority.
        3. Independently put forward the video production plan, and had unique insights and thoughts on video planning and editing.
        4. Good creative thinking and practical operation ability.
        5. Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork, willing to accept new things, strong learning ability, and strong ability to work under pressure;
      • 月婷
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